I'm Mireille



- Unknown -

your #1 GOAL-Guide expert, mom, wife and lifestyle coach & speaker

I Believe we are all created with unique gifts and qualities to make a lasting impact in this world!

I Am passionate about all things spiritual growth, personal and leadership development as well as Goalsetting for the overwhelmed and those lacking vision and direction for their life. 

I created my services and products with YOU in mind so YOU can discover your purpose and reach your full potential and desired outcome.

Life hasn't been easy tho.

Since you are here you might wanna read my journey.


The Journey...

Things haven't always been the way they are today.

"Everyday I am still growing and learning in the school of life." says, Mireille.

As a result of the revelation she received at the  leadership conference by the late "Myles Monroe", Mireille's creative juices started flowing and she began dreaming about how she could inspire women young and old in a creative way through reading, entrepreneurship and faith.

Before you knew she launched her first product and became the author of a magazine called "Yadahmagazine"  and that's where her entrepreneurial journey began.


In 2015 Mireille did a career switch and left her corporate job to become a fulltime entrepreneur. She got her degree in lifecoaching, but boy the shift wasn't an easy one.

Mireille had a tough start because financially things were a "Hot mess."

Also dealing with the fear of failure, indecisiveness and insecurities had her going in circles for almost two years.


It was in the beginning of 2017 when Mireille decided that she had enough of living a mediocre life because there was not much money coming in doing what she loved, so somenthing had to change. 

She hired a coach and started to invest in her growth and business.

As a return on her investment a shift started to take place and life is better today.

By overcoming some of the life challenging experiences such as limiting beliefs, indecisiveness, insecurities and debt, Mireille now wants to help others overcome life obstacles through Intentional and purposelful living.


Over the last two and a half years Mireille worked with numerous clients who she coached on the area of personal development and Spiritual leadership development and now GOALsetting.

As a result of her eagerness to learn and grow personally and spiritually, Mireille her dreams and Goals have only expanded Bigger & Bolder.

Mireille is now focused on doing what she is called to do.

Together with her husband and two kids Mireille will be send out to pastor a church in the south of Holland.

Her purpose on being an entrepreneur has always been to be of support to her husband as he travels often.

Also one of her core values as an entrepreneur is to leave a legacy for her kids, family and YOU, so you know what is possible if you, just Believe, Plan and Execute!


I believe you are here with a purpose and there is so much hidden potential inside of you that has yet to be discovered.

If my story resonates with you feel free to book a complimentary call to see if we are a right fit.