" Inspired Action Planner"

I created the 90 Day Inspired Action Planner to help you go from overwhelmed to focused. It’s both a planner and a guide that will streamline your inspirations, ideas, & goals into actionable steps. With thought provoking questions and prompts that will not only bring a shift to your mindset, but also a positive change to your lifestyle.

Why 90 Days? I have experienced that when you focus on the few things that truly matter to you in a particular

season with a deadline and clear action steps,  you achieve your goals more effectively,"Because what you focus on grows!"


When setting a goal, most people ask, “What, do I need to do in order to achieve my goal?”

Instead, you should ask “Who do I need to become?” - Darren Hardy -

Who is this for?

As a coach many times I hear people complain about not knowing how to find their purpose in life, delayed ideas as a result of poor  priority-management, procastintion and lack of clarity of what they want in life. 

This is for the overwhelmed mom, wife, student, high-achiever business woman, the all over the place tired of life woman. who is in desperate need of change in their life.

This is for you, you  who have seen it all but you are looking for a place where you don't have to compromise your values and believes in order to be succesful in life.

This is for the woman who feels like her life is out of balance and off-focus.

The is for the aspiring business woman who needs structure, accountability  and a clear plan to execute her goals

Last but not least this is for the woman who had everything going on for her but because life happened to you and you lost your sense of purpose, you just don't know where to start, what to do and where to begin.

What are you waiting for?
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Benefits of the planner:

  • Undated for flexible start date! Monthly, weekly and daily overview.

  • A Visual space to bring your vision to life

  • Braindump area to get your head on paper

  • Journaling space for daily writings

  • A more organised and purposeful life.

  • Inspiring quotes to keep you motivated and focused!